Knapps and North Denniston, Gladman Appeal Local Planning Refusal 


Gladman Developments Ltd Appeal to Scottish Government

We have learned that the Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government to assess the Appeal by Gladman Developments Ltd against the decision by Inverclyde Council to Refuse their application to build on Knapp’s Loch and North Denniston, will give his ruling by 18th December 2018. We had been informed that the Reporter would visit the site and that we, the KCT would be informed of when this would take place. If there is a site visit, we still expect to be informed, but it may well be that the Reporter assesses the Appeal without a visit. If we are told of a site visit between now and 18th December, we will let all KCT members know as soon as possible.

Gladman Developments Ltd Bid to Build on Carsemeadow, Quarrier’s Village

On 9th January 2019, Inverclyde Council will hear the case by Gladman to build on Carsemeadow in Quarrier’s Village. We encourage as many members of the public as possible to attend this hearing at Inverclyde Council in order to assist in the defeat of yet another Gladman attempt to expand the Greenbelt and alter forever the character of our villages.