KCT Leads the Charge Against Gladman Land Exploitation in Kilmacolm and Quarrier’s Village

In the last few days the KCT has secured two notable advances against Gladman Holdings’ applications to develop land in Kilmacolm and Quarrier’s Village.

Knapp’s Loch and North Denniston.

Members will recall that the KCT mobilised popular support against the Gladman application to develop land at Knapp’s Loch and North Denniston. Inverclyde Council rejected the application following which Gladman appealed to the Scottish Government. The Government appointed a Reporter who visited the site on 17 December, 2018. The Reporter’s decision, published on 7th January 2019 DISMISSED the appeal.

This is a huge step in stopping development at the entrance to Kilmacolm. In theory, Gladman could appeal to the Court of Session on a point of law but at this stage it is another significant victory.

We will keep all our supporters informed on any future developments.


Carsemeadow Site at Quarrier’s Village

On 15 January, Inverclyde Council’s Planning Committee heard the application from Gladman Holdings to build up to 45 x houses at Carsemeadow in Quarrier’s Village. The KCT gave detailed evidence alongside our friends from the Save Quarrier’s Village campaign. At the conclusion of the hearing the application was rejected unanimously. While it is by no means the end of the road, it is a significant milestone in our fight against the Quarriers/Gladman application.

The 15th January was a good day in our continuing fight against the Quarriers/Gladman plans and we will make sure we continue to apply pressure to help ensure a successful outcome.Now we have to wait for the outcome of the full council meeting on 21st February. If, as we hope, the full council ratifies yesterday’s decision, it will then be up to Quarriers/Gladman to decide whether they wish to appeal the decision to the Scottish Government.

The appeal process is lengthy and involves the appointment by government of a Reporter who will review all papers, plans and opinions to arrive at a final decision.

We will keep all our supporters informed on any future developments or change. 

We thank everyone who has supported the KCT in the past several years as we have fought these and other applications. The fight will go on in and around Kilmacolm and Quarrier’s Village and we anticipate there will be other applications from opportunistic developers in the future.